Cynthia Ahern

Cynthia Ahern is an award winning artist who interprets the world around her through paintings in pastel. She has been involved in creative endeavors most of her life, working with pen and ink, pencil sketching and watercolor painting but finds the pastel medium gives her the flexibility, spontaneity and lush color selection to create richly layered impressions in almost any environment.
In the studio, whether considering a still life, a floral arrangement or thinking through an abstraction, she explores areas of visual excitement where angles meet, where light plays on forms bringing color to life and casting shadow patterns, where textures bristle or gleam; these are the things  which prompt her to begin sketching, refining lines, shapes and design  until a composition emerges and can be rendered in vibrant color with pastels.
Outdoors, in the fresh air, under a vast sky, standing in front of the easel, a tray of brilliant pastels within easy reach, the artist connects to the world of nature in a fundamental way which, on a good day, is reflected in the artwork created there. The process can be daunting but it can also be magical, when the right touch, to the right place, with the right color, moves a piece from a collection of marks and shapes to a finished painting.  Whether portraying  broad expanses of sky, sea and marsh or focusing in on close up still-lifes found in nature, capturing the essence of these visual tableaux, vast or minute, and transposing them onto paper using pastels is her ultimate goal in painting.
Cynthia is a signature member of the Pastel Painters Society of Cape Cod and a founding member of Cape Cod Waterworks Fine Art. She is an artist member of the Cape Cod Art Association where she has been accepted into many shows and taken prizes for paintings in pastel and watercolor. She has been an active member of both the Southwest Florida Pastel Society and the Naples Art Association. She has paintings in both public and private collections.     

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